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History And Tasks

The Historical Development of TKGM

The first organization of land registry in our country was established under the name of Defterhane-i Amire Kalemi on May 21, 1847 and served until the Republic under a variety of names.

The first records kept were for only the purpose of ownership and land registry and no map work, cadastral survey or renovation of cadastre were carried out during this period.

After the foundation of the Republic, the establishment of an independent organization of land registry gained importance because it was a special field, it needed a special experience and it had a wide scope.

Thus the Organization of the General Directorate of Land Registry was founded in 1924. The cadastral unit was added to the structure of the organization in 1925 by the Law No. 658. The current structure and objectives of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre were determined by the Law No. 2997 dated May 29, 1936 and the Organization was affiliated to the Ministry of Finance. Then, on July 7, 1939, it was attached to the Ministry of Justice and finally to the Prime Ministry on August 10, 1951 taking into account the importance and independence. On November 22, 2002 it was affiliated to the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. On July 8, 2011 it was affiliated to the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Planning.


General Duties:

Duties and powers of the General Directorate identified by the Law No. 6083 entered into force on October 12, 2010  on the "Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre" are as follows:

a) to ensure reliable record of land register which is under the responsibility of the state on a regular basis, to perform all kinds of contractual and non-contractual transactions related to land registry and register of immovable properties, to follow-up, and control changes on the registers, to ensure the protection of archived records and documents.

b ) to conduct the country's cadastral survey, to follow the changes, to ensure renewal and updating of land plans and to carry out the related control and auditing services.

c ) To carry out or have carried out services of geodetic infrastructure, aerial photography, 1/5000 and higher scale photogrammetric and geodetic map production, to control, supervise and to identify the basic principles with the aim of large-scale production of cadastral and topographic maps.

d ) To create spatial information system infrastructure and map production monitoring centre, to ensure real and legal persons and public institutions and organizations benefit from the data, to do the tasks assigned in geographic information systems.

e ) To carry out transactions of foreign real and legal persons related to registry and cadastre in Turkey, to protect the rights and interests of natural or legal persons of the Republic of Turkey related to real property abroad, to join the interstate real estate negotiations.

f ) To plan, execute joint projects in cooperation with other countries and international organizations on issues related to the area of responsibility.

g ) To license topographical and cadastral engineering offices in accordance with the provisions of the Law dated June 16, 2005, No. 5368 on the Licensed Topographical and Cadastral Engineers and Offices, to identify and control operating principles and procedures of these offices.

h ) To regulate the real estate brokerage activities, to grant license, to identify principles and procedures and control these activities.

i ) To determine the principles to be followed by other public institutions and organizations and professional organizations in relation to duties, services and activities of Directorate General and to ensure coordination.

j ) To carry out other duties assigned by laws.