Orthophoto production and Renovation work and other activities within the scope of "Protocol of Cooperation on the Activities of Land Registry and Cadastre in TRNC" dated October 06, 2010 with the approval of Ministry of Environment and Urban Development dated December 16, 2011 will be carried out by Map Department and Department of Cadastre respectively.

Meetings were held between the team assigned by the Directorate General and relevant institution in TRNC between 11-16 March 2012 and as a result of these meetings preparatory work for tender relating to renovation work to be carried out in the TRNC by the Department of Cadastre was initiated.

Special technical specifications for tender for renovation was prepared as a result of talks and joint work between the General Directorate and TRNC Land Registry and Cadastre Office.

The procurement process relating to the renovation work was initiated upon the allocation of allowance to the the Budget of the Department of Cadastre and Tender for Consulting Announcements for Cadastral Renovation Works for TRNC 2nd Group, TRNC 3rd Group, TRNC 4th Group were published in the Public Procurement Bulletin, and pre-qualification tender will be held on July 17, 2012.

 commence work within the Contract is targeted to be signed and works are planned to be initiated in 2012.